…Champion of the #RebrandingSlumsOfAfrica Mission – WE CAN DO IT.

I can shout it, share it and be it– were my words after attending the 6th Global Voices Summit with over 300 Bloggers from 60 different countries in Nairobi Kenya from the 1st to 3rd July.


…youth listen to the visitors and Boniface Messi explains about programs at The Slumcode Centre before proceeding to the rooftop

The space that connects citizens with information, technology and ideas that must be shared with readers who seldom revert to mainstream media and would rather seek information from where it is happening, and with the people who share in the experience. I met the Founders and Directors of this movement, I had coffee and bytes with young people who are raring to go and change their communities with this information burst and when I suggested we have a rooftop bloggers club in Huruma – one of the densely populated low income communities east of Nairobi with about 107,000 people according to the 2009 Population Census report. An ideas explodes and just one day after the summit ended, 3 participants from Germany, Netherlands and Zambia joined the two young people from The Slumcode Group and we have it. A club of blogging changemakers is BORN.

Film makers, Consultants and a regional Global Voices from Sub-saharan Africa joined with over 16 young people ages 14 – 36 to a question and answer session on the rooftop of The Slumcode Centre to make a DREAM POSSIBLE. Huruma will be transformed because Slumcode offers the fastest internet services around any Slums in Kenya. This afternoon 5 young people are being trained by a World Class blogger – Ndesanjo Macha to become change agents in this community using the power of Citizen Media techniques.

There is power in access to information and relevant application of media.



Albert Nashon explains the idea behind the Slumcode Group to Maartje – a Film and Documentary Professional from the Netherlansds during the rooftop bloggers club launch at the Slumcode Centre – Huruma




Comments on: "BREAKING DIGITAL BARRIERS….a story of Huruma and the rooftop blogging club" (1)

  1. wow! I am impressed! Didn’t expect it will work out this fast! Congratulations!

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