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Sex has a gratifying power and can be greatly abused.

…a while back so am told our parents wore the shortest dresses around and even took photos with a great deal of their upper legs above the knees pretty exposed – that was in the 60s or maybe 50s and life went on with great respect and morality, and so Dolly Parton found words for her classic Harper ValleyPTA where Ms. Jackson wore her dress way too high.

Fast forward to the 21st century and fashion has evolved and so have morals and personal values dissolved. Man has learned to appreciate beauty in way too many perspectives and the woman is fully aware of this trend. Six inched Stilettos’, the piped pencil stretch jeans, the Aladdin wear, block shoes and designer boots all which can be combined in various collectors’ choice, tastes and desires to create an appealing outcome based on the occasion.

Our streets are today parades of nudity and eyesores thanks to provocative attire in the name of fashionable trends.

Our Cabinet has not been left out with a Minister joining the Mini Skirt for schools debate which provoked an earlier discussion that certain universities and institutions of learning are no go zones because of their reputation on Ethics and in particular mode of dressing for students. Norms, Models, Standards, patterns or rules have been with society since creation. And so we hear; Thou shalt not……as the very command of The Creator.

Naturally beauty attracts which if unchecked begets a strong desire. If the desire gets out of control; outcomes could be illegal or unpleasant acts such as theft, forceful acquisition and unacceptable behavior.


Laws and boundaries are therefore very effective tools of controlling and protecting individual integrity for a common good. Declarations by public servants that are not only emotive but sensitive enough to create a negative perception should therefore be weighed and carefully considered before being placed to the public domains.

The case of students going on the rampage due to application of stringent measures affecting their morality and value system and in particular being an all girls institution should raise a red flag. When Women no longer think their bodies are sacred and only the one special man has the right to share in its attractiveness and tenderness at the right time – is not only an abuse to self but a dangerous social trend for the girl child and the morality. Socio – economic challenges have continued to load man with emotional fatigue, stress and spiritual endowment leading to lack self control. A wild chase in search for solace and superficial sobriety has degenerated into abuse and continual lust – even in worship places. Traditional worship is now “boring” and discos or clubs are embracing a form of worship acceptable to the new generation – morals, morals, morals – we have lost it all.

Our media houses have greatly contributed to this with soap operas running for hours on almost all the major channels. Romantic scenes fill all living rooms at times when family should congregate and have dinner putting father, mother and children in quite awkward situations. While talk on sexuality must be an open discussion with children, factors that influence the negative trend are becoming much stronger. Parents are even excusing their children with boyfriends or girlfriends at home as they go upstairs or take a walk.


Clerics and their ilk have added their voices to the gravity of this matter hoping to salvage the last of dignity a woman, girl, lady or mother may have. Our streets are crowded with scantily dressed mothers, aunties, sisters, daughters and even girls who feel a basic right to do as they feel right regardless of the psychological and emotional effect on other members of that society. Sex has become the greatest element in any marketing strategy and has moved from just outward beauty and voice to public nudity and deep attraction to suggestive and expressive linguistics.

Schools and homes are the elementary formative institutions in the stages of any family and society and if rules and regulations will hold no water in such institutions – we are to be pitied. Interesting though is the fact that communities in the North Eastern parts of Kenya have dressing that reveals almost 80%, yet rape, promiscuity and lust are not a perennial problem.  We must add our voices to oppose moral decay and stand with ethical understanding of situations regardless of how cool, cozy, stylish or trendy they may be. Morals cannot be under emphasized and must be cardinal at every point.

Government and Society must correlate with clear understanding to uphold the rule of law and no aspect of human freedom should infringe upon the rights of others – that fact is all cannot have things there way for that beats the logic of law unto itself. Certain issues must be a reserve of the powers that be if sanity shall prevail.


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