…Champion of the #RebrandingSlumsOfAfrica Mission – WE CAN DO IT.


This is to share our appreciation with every great person who joined us for the Global Voices Summit from Germany, Mexico, Zambia, Cameroun, Holland, Poland, Australia and Nairobi Kenya.

We soon launched the Global Voices – Huruma and The Rooftop Bloggers Club at The Slumcode Centre and for all the discussions we had thereafter, we can’t wait for the opportunities this shall bring forth.

Making a difference in the lives of many starts with a Global Team all ready to make their World a better place to live. As Citizen Journalists, we shall endevour to apply any skills to witness, capture, report and share news from our neighborhood when and where it happens.

From Huruma, we at The Slumcode Group say a big thank you for giving us the chance at Youth Empowerment, Employment Creation, Global Experiences and Outreach towards making our initiative sustainable.

We will be looking forward to work with all partners and teams towards great success.

Thanks to the GLOBAL VOICES COMMUNITY and to A24Media for this great feature. It’s a Master Piece.

The Poet

On Camera with A24 Media


Comments on: "WE MADE IT! THANK YOU A24 MEDIA" (1)

  1. Huruma was the location of shot.On the rooftop at the Slumcode center, when i stood in front of that camera,i felt that i was speaking to enthusiastic individuals worldwide;people who also want to have a say in world development and empowerment of a highly industrious 21st century human beings- a new generation of citizen with a voice-The GLOBAL VOICES. Poeta

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