…Champion of the #RebrandingSlumsOfAfrica Mission – WE CAN DO IT.

To empower Kenyan youth and enhance a reading culture; a call to action best sends the message. Caroline Mutoko a renowned Media Professional with Radio Africa’s KISS100; an FM Station with huge following in Kenya through her Big Breakfast Show which is Authoritative and Precise on issues, couldn’t say it better, “I am big on education, I am big on reading. I love what Slumcode is doing.” Together with a fellow avid reader; Mr. John Ngumi CFC Stanbic Director Investment Banking Africa, joined efforts in the donation of over 100 Inspirational, best reader novels and poetry books by Kwani.

Arvn Emmanuel admires “The Facebook Effect”

The approval of a role model of such standing signifies authenticity of our initiative. African’s are not originally keen readers hence the adage, to hide anything from them, put it in a book. Not any more as we can boast some of the best Professors in Medicine, Research, Tech and Law fields.

Spending time with Emmanuel Karuku (11), Faith Atieno (14) and Dabraham Mbugua (10) all from Local primary schools within Huruma, you cannot miss to capture their excitement and enthusiasm about access to books within their neighborhood. Their joy cannot be hidden. The book drive campaign was not in vain and Huruma shall never be the same with this Resource Centre at its heart.

Blogging is a new concept to residents of Huruma and even most youth only use the Internet for google searches, email, facebook and youtube – a means of making social media effective for communication, information, file sharing and collaboration must therefore be provided for. Use of low end, inexpensive  hand held devices which are becoming more user friendly and available amongst low income dwellers is an added advantage as most are WAP enabled with GPRS capabilities and have inbuilt cameras. After participating in the just concluded Global Voices Summit 2012 held in Kenya July 1st-3rd Slumcoders became bloggers when a training workshop was done in Huruma by Ndesanjo Macha GV Sub Sahara Africa Author. Dennis Poeta is now publishing his work and connecting with other spoken word artists to spread their work and connect like minded people. This is something he had never dreamt of nor had a clue – but youth are learning fast to train others. Ann Mbugua is also quickly sharing stories of Women and Girls in her Women Initiative for Empowerment and Development (WiFED Kenya) program on Google plus and Blogs.

The Rooftop bloggers club of Huruma will now be a channel of expression on diverse social issues affecting children, youth and women at the grass root as a Millennium Development goal on Literacy.

Access to information is a key step to literacy with the demographics showing  literacy levels currently at  total population: 87.4% male: 90.6%
female: 84.2% (2010 est.) for ages 15 and over can read and write for Kenya.

The Slumcode Centre has sought partnership with Kenya National Library Services, The Positive World, United Nations Information Centre – Nairobi, Servant Forge Foundation and other stakeholders like PAWA254, The Ihub and Academic Institutions like Strathmore and United States International Universities to realize this objective.

If you want to be part, contact us here (www.slumcode.org) with ideas, projects or programs that can add value to this cause which is a youth initiative for self empowerment to ascertain Anna Tibaijuka’s comments that, the poor of this World are not just passive objects but can achieve much if given the opportunity. Partnerships with the youth are emerging as trends and a corporate culture worth emulating.


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