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Celebrating International Youth Day and Slumcode 6th Anniversary 2012 at The Slumcode Centre rooftop was an amazing experience for the Huruma Community.

One would be shocked that when I asked a group of over 50 kids from ages 4 – 16 what the word “Nation” meant; it was easier to connect my answer to a local Kenyan newspaper in circulation and a secular music group called, The Swahili Nation than to some sovereign state. My effort to explain the word “International” almost hit a dead end as none could relate (nation) to (country). My deduction – enhancing a reading culture must be at the core of developing this community. (more…)



To empower Kenyan youth and enhance a reading culture; a call to action best sends the message. Caroline Mutoko a renowned Media Professional with Radio Africa’s KISS100; an FM Station with huge following in Kenya through her Big Breakfast Show which is Authoritative and Precise on issues, couldn’t say it better, “I am big on education, I am big on reading. I love what Slumcode is doing.” Together with a fellow avid reader; Mr. John Ngumi CFC Stanbic Director Investment Banking Africa, joined efforts in the donation of over 100 Inspirational, best reader novels and poetry books by Kwani.

Arvn Emmanuel admires “The Facebook Effect”

The approval of a role model of such standing signifies authenticity of our initiative. African’s are not originally keen readers hence the adage, to hide anything from them, put it in a book. Not any more as we can boast some of the best Professors in Medicine, Research, Tech and Law fields.

Spending time with Emmanuel Karuku (11), Faith Atieno (14) and Dabraham Mbugua (10) (more…)