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Young people must STAND UP na d be counted if they want to make a difference. Slums are homes to opportunities if all Kenyan Youth Serving Organizations realize that INNOVATION  and CREATIVITY are the fastest tools one can use to capitalize on the massive pool of resources that the World has to offer.

Below finds links of instances where our Youth initiated program has been featured. When The Slumcode Group built this concept 6 years ago – we knew it will take hard work, patience, creativity, networking and partnerships to hit our goal and today – we are at the verge of a BIG BREAKTHROUGH.

1. Tandaa Kenya of the Kenya ICT Board: https://sites.google.com/a/ict.go.ke/tandaa/events/upcoming-events/thegrantslumfestsix

2. Kenya Buzz – http://www.kenyabuzz.com/whats-on/slumfest-2012

3. Kuza Biashara – http://blog.kuzabiashara.co.ke/infinite-possibilities-leveraging-the-ict/1396/

4. Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e45sdYBrRlY

5. Opinion Kenya – http://opinionkenya.com/public/index.php?mntr=pal&o=209&b=656

6. Wasanii.com – http://www.wasanii.com/index.php/login/10-articles/86-slum-fest-the-5th-edition

7. Google Pages – http://www.slumfestkenya.kbo.co.ke/ICT+Events+2012

8. The Conference Hound – http://conferencehound.com/conference/grand-slumfest-six-2012/107328

We look forward to partnership with all relevant entities to make our community connect to the World.